Basic Writing Lessons - What Are The Three Ways To Organize An Essay?

There is no way to write a gradable paper without some form of organization. Too many students do not put enough effort in this area of their writing. There is no way to keep the audience’s attention when your work is all over the place. It makes it too hard to follow. Think of fixing your car in your garage and the tools and parts are sprawled all over. The task becomes that much harder to complete. If everything was organized and together completing the job is much easier. This article will give basic writing lessons on what are the three ways to organize an essay.

  1. Organization makes the paper clear, focused, and effective. The job of keeping the audience’s attention becomes easier. Reverse outlining is a great way to put your work together. This is done by gathering all the information you already have and selecting your thesis from that information. It is a lot easier to make decisions from work already written. It beats deciding on the thesis before you start writing. When you are not sure you can jump around too much and confuse the whole process. Read the draft and add notes along the margin of the paper. Then take a clear piece of paper and write down the paragraph and the subject of each note beside it. This is a draft outline. Go through and locate any mistakes in the mechanics of the writing. Fix the organization problems and any repetition the paper may contain. Remember you are trying to make your work more focused and effective.
  2. Talking out your ideas- there are a lot of students that find it much simpler to talk about matters instead of writing about them. Think of people around you during the day as a type of resource. Ask your friends, family, and even your professor to listen to your ideas. It can ease a lot of stress and pressure of organizing your work. They can give insight which you may never have thought of on your own. Add these opinions to your own research to produce an outline to work from.
  3. Preparing paragraphs- the way you put your paragraphs together can decide on the flow of the paper. Paragraph breaks are used to make a transitional changes in the point-of-view, or its focus. The paragraph shows the order of how the information is set-up to explain the main idea. This is from a strong topic sentence. This organization should be about the thesis, not explaining the topic sentence of the paragraph.