A List Of 10 Creative Research Paper Topics Related To Paediatric Nursing

The world of nursing today has changed enormously. Where once it was predominantly a female profession, today there are nurses of either gender. Where once nursing was predominantly a universal occupation, today nurses specialise in a wide variety of areas one of which is paediatrics. This involves the care and treatment of very young patients including newborn babies.

If you are writing a research paper on a topic involving paediatric nursing, you have a large array of subjects. Finding a topic which is creative is good for several reasons. It can stimulate your thinking. It can help you provide a new or unique angle on the subject. It can mean a breath of fresh air to your teacher or tutor who has to read and mark your essay.

Remember a research paper by definition requires the writer to show evidence of their research into the chosen topic. If you choose a topic in which you have a keen interest, you are far more likely to tackle the subject with enthusiasm. This will be reflected in your writing.

While there are considerable resources available online to provide research material, being able to discuss your work with a working paediatric nurse would give you the information and the first-hand experience to make your essay come alive. Anything extra or unusual you can latch onto may give your research paper an extra mark.

Consider the topics below and don’t be afraid to use one or more to help you create an even more interesting topic.

  1. What are the most common conditions children endure?
  2. How important is culture in understanding and treating young patients?
  3. What planning does a paediatric nurse perform in helping care for a patient?
  4. Is ongoing education relevant to a practising paediatric nurse and if so, why?
  5. Why is it important for a paediatric nurse to work closely with the family of a patient?
  6. Do common health issues for adults apply with young patients? Is obesity an issue for a paediatric nurse?
  7. Do paediatric nurses work solely in hospitals? If not, where else might they be found practising medicine?
  8. What other health professionals is a paediatric nurse likely to work with and why?
  9. Is mental health a part of the work programme of a paediatric nurse?
  10. How has training to be a paediatric nurse changed in recent times?