A Quick Guide To Using Tables And Figures In An Academic Research Paper

A research paper has too many segments; each with its own importance. Right at the end of the paper stands the Reference page and the appendix. Now, this last page allows minor alignments and tables.

Importance of figures

Now, whether you are doing a paper on psychology or chemistry, i.e. to say, opinionated subject or exact science subject; it may be necessary to put in the figures. Data interpretation gives gravity to a paper of this significance. When you suggest that 48% of males suffer from stage fright; it gives a better impression than if you suggest that many males suffer from stage fright.

Where does it tilt?

It has to be agreed that figure and tables are of more significance to exact science subjects, which are rather expository. Here, you have little scope for presentation of opinions or perspectives and you need to call a spade by its name.

Value of tables

So, in accordance with your methodology and your findings; you may conjure your own facts and figures; whether it is based on the reports from respondents or the other essentials. You should jot them down in a rough draft and then give a cursory mention in the Methodology or analysis page. However, the complete portfolio comes across in the Appendix page.

A credible example

For instance, if you are assessing what vehicles do societal people take; your table will have separate columns depicting bicycles, motorbikes, cars, buses and carpools. You will then have to insert the proper numbers in the proper rows and columns. This will give the readers a picture of the tendency in a society of a particular stratum. This will energize your comparison with other societies where also you will need to put in the table on the mat.

Economics and statistics

Figures and tables are particularly important for economics or statistics research papers. The readers are too sharp-minded and with such acumen that they hardly give any weight to cursory figures. They pine for actual figures and data; whether improvised or derived. Needless to say, you cannot take the readers for a ride with misleading figures.

Be consistent

Be consistent with the format style you have adopted (MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard) and accordingly sculpt your tables and put figures. You can take the idea from previous samples of eminence. After you are through it, give it a thorough proof-read and ensure that the page is free of errors.